The Disruptive Equity Education Project (DEEP) offers a comprehensive 6-month transformative program that brings participants through six key stages of equity work through the use of interactive workshops and personal reflective journals. While we know all individuals are in different places on their journey toward understanding and fighting for equity, the complete program is designed to meet all of these people where they are and help them go further, deeper, through the completion of the six key stages shown below: the Reckoning, Narratives, Inner Work, Critical Race Theories, Transformative Culture, and Building Capacity.

The transformative DEEP “digging” process


The Reckoning

This stage specifically targets those who are at the beginning of their equity journeys. This initial three-hour workshop helps participants scratch the surface of what it means to be equitable and where equity may or may not be present in their lives. While there may be participants who have already reflected on these things, this workshop begins to lay the groundwork for later stages, where vulnerability amongst participants will be key.


Narratives provides a space for individuals to reflect on and share their personal stories of racial equity with one another, in an effort to make this work personal and build connections within the community. Storytelling is a powerful tool for connection, and this day long workshop utilizes DEEP’s unique racial equity storytelling framework to facilitate personal connections and empathy building in preparation for deeper inner work. DEEP believes that if the work is not personal, then it is not sustainable.

Inner Work

This stage is where things get most personal, where we ask participants to dig the deepest. Participants spend the bulk of their DEEP experience in inner work, over a two-month period. Participants are asked to look inward to see how instances of equity or inequity have personally affected them and how they might be perpetuating inequity in their own lives, intentionally or unintentionally. We ask them to consider their peers, assumptions, biases and immunities that prevent them from making the type of change that you want to see in their own work as racial equity leaders. Inner Work is a phase where the reflective journaling, and immunity mapping become increasingly useful and important, as participants begin to transition from focusing inward to focusing outward.

Critical Race Theories

Having made equity personal for participants, this next month-long stage introduces different theories that help make sense of inequity as it exists today, specifically pertaining to race. This educational phase is crucial for newcomers and veterans alike, as they prepare to discuss how they can bring what they have learned back into the larger community to make lasting change.

Transformative Culture

While this work needs each individual to be committed, it cannot be done on an individual level. Now that the individual commitment has been established, this month long experiential series gets practical, helping participants to identify key players and stakeholders they can partner with to implement clear, specific changes in their communities. It also helps teams and individual to consider how to reshape their existing organizational culture to align with visions, missions, and strategy related to racial equity.

Building Capacity

The final phase of our workshop series focuses on training participants to move additional individuals, and teams through the deep and complex work of dismantling inequity. In this month long phase, participants are provided with tools such as equity design thinking, group immunity analysis, multi-cultural team building, and equity leadership

Upon completion of all stages, each participant should feel empowered to invest personal time and energy into meaningful equity work. While participants will still be in different places on their journey, they should all be able to look back and see measurable progress made through the help of these workshops and journaling opportunities.

In conjunction with this 6-month program, DEEP offers refresher seminars and workshops as well as a website full of resources including a blog and ongoing podcast, where all members of the community can continue to grow and learn on their equity journeys.